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From May, 2011

Hello my darlings - Ms.E here. First time posting but avid reader.

I currently slave away at the same place as Jit, (K-Barf) but hopefully am leaving soon.
Something happened today that simply infuriated meI work at customer service - so I have to run a sales register, refund register and a bunch of extra machines simultaneously.
We were backed up today so I opened my sales register. This lady comes up with 50+ items - all pet related too. into my line. I'm thinking ugh this is going to suck, because I have to hand scan each item ( no register scanners. MEH.)Buttttt I put on my kiss ass smile and cheerfully say "Hi how are you today? Do u have your rewards Card."
BitchAssCustomer: 347 -
Ms.E One minute mam let me cue up that screen >>>>>  - please don't spew out ur number to me. I cant cue it up the second you start talking. I'm a human. Greet me back please.
The number mam?
BAC: ####......
>>> So I'm scanning...scanning...scanning.....bag. Bag. Bag.
Ms.E: Ok so that'll be 3xx.xx for today.
BAC: But I didn't want those Denta Bones.
*note she never said anything to me regarding them, she placed them on the counter and watched me scan/bag the 8 boxes.
Ms.E: I'm sorry mam. Just wait one minute I have to have a manager override and void out the total since its more than 2 items.
BAC: That's fine...
Carolanne 069*Call for override. I tell her I'm going to take a return while we wait. She says that's fine.
Cue in Dynamite - awesome manager.
Dyna: Sorry about that ma'am, here you go she'll go ahead and ring you up. EXIT.
Seeing as how all the items are bagged I start to type in the UPC numbers, but no. No that's simply unacceptable.
BAC: No you can't do that.
Ms.E: I'm sorry mam?
BAC: I want new bags. Those are dirty now.
*The bags are all neatly in her cart. Which I put in there since she won't do anything to help/be nice.
Ms.E: I'm sorry mam?
BAC: Well I work for the humane society and they all need to be clean.
Ah yess....because animals exposed to dirt and the elements is unnatural. So I swallow it.
Ms.E Well would you like to use your tax ID so that the company doesn't have to pay tax?
Bac: No.
So she wants to pay the 30 something $s in tax...suspicion. Anyways..Re do the ENTIRE transaction, reringing and bagging her items per her request.
Ms.E (Big smile for the finale) Your total for today is $3xx.xx
BAC: I have coupons.
Jason 038This bitch takes out a fucking fistful - I kid you not - a mother fucking fistful of coupons from her purse and throws them on the counter.
HIT 4.
Proceed to scan all coupons and hand her back the ones that aren't eligible. (expired/different product)
BAC: Cant you just see if they scan?
Ms.E: No mam, the store looses money if we accept expired coupons.
BAC: mhmmm.......
So bitch keeps up with her nonchalant attitude while I'm scanning and growing a returns line.
Ms.E: So the total is $1xx.xx (total bitch. great savings but total bitch)
So BAC pays. I say bye have a nice day bleh bleh bleh and I go to the return line, turning my back to her ridiculousness.
She waits there, I work through my line, then hesitatingly turn to her and ask her if there is something else she needed
BAC: Id like to return these.
Ms.E: What in particular mam?
RHSEPT 501BAC: All of it (SMILES for the first time since she came)
And I get the full amount before coupons back.
While it's true that the computer doesn't automatically deduct the coupons it's up to the service person to alter the price to the correct amount.
Ms.E: Ma'am that's entirely fraudulent. If you no longer want the products I'll be happy to return them for you but you aren't getting any more back than what you paid.
Bitch proceeds to have a temper tantrum. Ripping her RE BAGGED bags all over the floor. I'm calling security when an ASM comes up: Lets call him Push over *hint hint* and asks what the problem is.
BAC: She won't give me my money back!!
I patiently explain the situation to PU and he comes back with//
PU: I'm sorry mam, we'll go ahead and give you the full return.
DUMBASS SAY WHAT??? I'm fucking pissed.
He can tell. "Do the full amount Ms.E."
He watches me do her fucking return and makes sure I give her the full amount back.
So BAC leaves - up 200.00 and a fat smile on her face. I'm fuming.
Ms.E: PU why did u let her have the full money back?
PU: Because 200.00 is not worth loosing a customer over.
WTF?? I'm sorry but since when do we want scammers to come back?
WER fhjuierghuiertgh we4hki ftghybherhfhertbghv (angry pounding at key board)


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Misty Meanor

And companies wonder why they're targeted by scammers so fucking much?!

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