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Crazy Entitled Customers: Woman demands to open product, won’t buy it afterwards because it’s opened




From u/TheNovelleFive Tales From Retail:

I remembered this story today while browsing through the sub.

Lady (L) comes into my craft store to buy a calligraphy set as a gift. She picked out a €50 all included set. Then the following occurred:

L: I’m gonna buy this, but... it’s hard to believe everything pictured is in this little box.

Me: if it says it’s in the box it should be. If not you can bring it back for a refund.

L: But it’s a gift! I want it to be just right. Are you SURE? The box doesn’t look big enough for that pen.

The pen is in fact small. So at this point I pull out my two personal fountain pens from the apron and show her the one that’s the same size as the pen, compared to a more regular sized one. She still insists it cannot all fit in the small box.

L:If I could just open it to make sure...

Me: I’m sorry but I cannot do that, because if you don’t buy it I cannot sell an opened box.

L: But I will buy it! I just need to confirm that it’s all in there.

Me: I assure you it’s all in there.

L: it’s for my grandson...

We went back and forth until I studied the box, realized it wasn’t sealed and I could probably very carefully open it. Besides, 18 year old me believed she would buy it once I proved this... so I very carefully opened it.

L: huh, it’s all there! Well excellent, I’ll take this one here then, I don’t want to gift my grandson a used item.

She then grabs a new one from the shelf and Bolts to the register before I could protest. She obviously knew how rude this was cause she got out of there as fast as she could. I ran for my favorite manager, who got pissed, ran after her, but she had already paid and left...

I ended up selling the used set to the cutest couple, who saw the whole thing as they waited for my help choosing pens. The boyfriend was really experienced and probably didn’t need a beginner’s kit, but they sure made my day lifting my spirits afterwards.







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