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Coffee Slinger back again with more crusty idiocy to share.

But let me make one thing clear first: other than a few minor annoyances that occur, such as managerial drama or broken machines, I generally enjoy my cafe job and I like about 90% of my regulars.

This woman falls into that 10% of the i-want-to-remove-you-from-existence category.

Now I have a lot of groups that come into my cafe on a regular basis, some rowdier than others but they all will quiet down if I ask them nicely and have actually apologized to me for being disruptive.

The ironically worst offender for sudden bouts of noise is my American Sign Language group. By that I mean it's lots of hand signs and then a huge sudden roar of laughter. I mean like 30-45 minutes of quiet and then someone signs a joke. Not bad at all and they have gotten a lot better about it.

It was a Thursday night, they were in and it had been almost silent the entire night, no jokes today which was fine. I've nearly leaped out of my skin a time or two being caught off guard.

In comes the crusty in question that needs a serious head check. I call her the Crazy Lady, and you need the capital letters for her. In my 2 and 1/2 years there, she has never once ever actually bought something. It's always a cup of hot water and a cup of ice water. No idea why she needs both but I always smile and give her what she wants if only to get her away from me.

About an hour later, she comes up to me and asks if she can speak to a manager. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Is there something I can help you with?

CL: Yes, i need to talk to your manager please. It's about the group over there. *points to my ASL peeps*

Me: All right, let me get her for you. *pages manager over headset*

Manager Sandi: *arrives* What can I do for you?

CL: Can you get them *points again* to be a little quieter? I'm trying to read and they are just being really disruptive. And I'm having a hard time right now, and that woman *the lady that runs the lessons* is talking about her ex-husband and how he would beat her and I just can't stand to listen to this. *starts ranting*

MS: Well really there is nothing I can do other than ask them to be quiet. This is not a library and this is a public place. I can't make them leave

CL: *walks off muttering to herself*

WTF lady! Why are you listen to the conversation in the first place if it makes you uncomfortable? Why not just, I dunno, SIT SOMEWHERE ELSE?? DIDN'T THINK OF THAT DID YOU? I've got chairs all over this store and they are a hell of a lot more comfortable than the ones in cafe! Just move!

Ugh, I'll never understand people.

--Coffee Slinger







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