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Crazy Lady Tales: "You're Stalking me!"




From Bookstore Slave, November, 2011

Bookstore Slave here with a short, but real gem, of a custy in northern California. After ringing a lady up for her books, she looks at the total and flips.

Her: Why is the total so high?

Me: I'm sorry, were they on sale?

Her: No! This book is $6.99 and that one is $7.99! The total should be $14.98!

Me *understanding*: By any chance are you from Oregon?

Her: How did you know that? Have you been stalking me?!

Me: No ma'am. It's just that Oregon is the nearest state that doesn't tack on sales tax. It's merely a logical guess.

Her: Sales tax? What the hell is that nonsense?! You're lying! You've been stalking me haven't you?! HAVEN'T YOU?!

Me: Er...

The manager swoops in to the rescue saves my ass, aborts the sale and re-rings her up. Apparently he missed the actual conversation, and was merely responding to a hysterical customer.

Her: Why is the total so high?! The price should be $14.98!

Manager: Ahh, you must be from Oregon. It's beautiful up there.


She bolted from the store, leaving her books behind. You know, I've met other Oregon-ians, and they just go "Ohhhh riiight," whenever I mention sales tax. This lady was the only one to jump to the stalking conclusion first. Interestingly enough, the police never visited or asked for either of us. I can only guess the police were "stalking" her too.

--Bookstore Slave


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