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Dumbass Customers: “That doesn’t make sense”



From Jit, September 2009:

I was ringing up this customer the other day and I told them their total.

“Your total is one fifty one thirty.”

"What is my total?”

“One hundred fifty one dollars and thirty cents.”

I thought I was making myself pretty clear. Yes?  

“That doesn’t make sense.”

Really? Okay. “I mean, your total is one hundred and fifty one dollars and thirty cents.”

She said that it still didn’t make sense and handed me a stack of bills.

Counted – four twenties, two tens, eight fives.

“Ma’am, I have one hundred and forty dollars. I need eleven dollars and thirty cents more.”

“How much is my total?”

*Sigh* I repeat the total and tell her to hang on a second and I’d write it down for her.

By this point in time, the customers behind her are trying not to laugh, doing a very poor job of it. All four customers with four decent sized orders. 

When she took the paper and read it, she shook her head and handed me twelve more one-dollar bills.

I gave her the 70 cents change I owed her, thanked her for shopping at my place of employment, and smiled.

After she left, my WHOLE line started laughing hysterically. My manager came by to see what had happened, we were so loud. 










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