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From u/TinHawk  Tales From Retail:

I work at a big box electronics retailer. Recently I've been stuck answering phones. 90% of the calls where people ask to be transferred to the tech support company that services computers in store can be solved by me over the phone.

Customer: i need to talk to [tech support company]

Me: what seems to be the issue? Maybe i can help.

Customer: yeah I just purchased this desktop and the mouse and keyboard don't work.

Me: oh, that's not good! Are they wired or wireless?

Customer: wireless.

Me: and they have fresh batteries?

Customer, becoming frustrated: yes.

Me: did you plug the dongle into a working usb port?

Customer: ................. The what?

Me: the dongle. It would look like a small usb flash drive like what you store photos and documents on? It lets your keyboard and mouse talk to your computer, and they don't work if it's not plugged in.

Customer: it didn't come with one!

Me: sometimes they're hiding inside the mouse near the battery compartment, or it could still be in the box.

Customer, indignant, agrees to check.

I hear the customer rustling through a box for a few seconds. The rustling stops abruptly. There's some clicking, an audible sigh, then the sound of him hanging up.







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