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From u/DragonDeadite  Tales From Retail:

Basic rule is we don't leave the store to look at people's appliances they have in their truck. I'm far too delicate and someone could decide to kidnap me and we're just not having it (plus we're not techs so we don't really know what to look for on your machine). Yesterday this was well tested when I had a customer come in and ask me to go look at their gas stove to try and figure out what is wrong with it.

Well, first off, if there's no power hooked up to it, OR GAS, I can't really figure anything out. Second, it is a brand we don't even deal with, so I'm batting somewhere around negative 300. I tell the guy this and where he needs to go and he gets all pissed off because I wont walk out to his car to look at a machine that will result in me telling him the exact same thing. Fine, whatever, he walks off yelling about great customer service.

Maybe half an hour later I get a customer that comes, tell me he has his part in the car and asks if I will come out and look at it. Great... another one. I explain that no, he needs to bring the part in. He grumbles, says he just wants me to come look at it. I again refuse and tell him to bring it inside. Keep in mind he has said PART, not machine, so he has a PART in his car. I'm thinking maybe a console or a motor or something he just doesn't want to carry.

Noooope. It is a thermostat. A high limit dryer thermostat that is about the size of a quarter and weighs almost the same. He wanted me to walk out to his car to look at a THERMOSTAT that he just didn't feel like bringing inside with him.

Some people...









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