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I’m at the National Retail Federation conference in NYC. 40,000 retail people swarming around this convention. Of course, I’m reading TFR while I eat my lunch because I’m addicted... and it seemed appropriate.

In line at a busy food vendor, 20 minute wait as it’s peak lunch rush. Two ahead of me Water Guy is ringing up, Fashion Brand Exec is behind him, and then me. We are hungry, it’s a mob, we are juggling our food and wallets. Food booth is a counter with a prep line, mini fridge of sodas, cooks on the back wall. There is no “back room”.

WG wants a bottle of water with his meal.

Very Friendly Cashier says, “sorry sir, we are out of water. But some of the other stores have some or we have soda and tea”.

WG: No, I only want water

VFC: I’m sorry sir, I just said, we don’t have any. If you’d like to ring up your meal it looks like that line across the way is pretty short and you could buy one there.

WG: Get me one from the back

VFC... repeats his offer looking confused

WG: I don’t care about your issues, get me one from wherever you keep them or go over to that other store and get me one.

... and here he utters the line ...

WG: I work in retail, I know how this works.

... remember where we are...

FBE has had enough and she steps up to take charge.

FBE: Hey dumbass, we all work in retail and that’s NOT how this works. Pay your bill and step off!

VFC contains his smirk just barely... FBE enjoyed her free cookie immensely I think. Also she probably outranked that guy by 5 levels.

When I got to the register I cracked “Hey, I work in retail..” and shared a good laugh with VFC. It’s fun to laugh at terrible people.



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