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Jason 027

From an Anonymous Fed Up Retail Slave, August, 2009:

It's midday Thursday at the office park.

The boss tells me to replace a couple of ballasts in the fluorescent light fixtures in a third floor ladies room. I get the necessary equipment, put up a large plastic A-frame sign that reads:

"Restroom Out Of Service".

I then prop the door open, place one six-foot tall step ladder in the doorway and place bright yellow "Caution" tape across the doorway.

I then set up a second ladder in one of the stalls in order to reach the overhead light fixture. Five minutes into the job, a woman comes into the rest room. I tell her the ladies room is closed. She says, "No problem, I'll only be a minute".

Before I could say anything else, she walks into the adjacent stall, drops her panties and begins to pee.

She then looks up at me and says, "Do you fucking MIND? I'd like a little PRIVACY here!"

So my question is: What the HELL is wrong with people?

--Anonymous Fed Up Retail Slave








They built our store bathrooms with a single 8 ft. florescent light in each. It went completely black when it went out, until someone opened a door. The mens room they would wait, the ladies they wouldn't, until the door closed. It still would take about 15 minutes to change instead of 2 minutes, because of women pushing on through. I'd get off the ladder take it out and let the door shut. They'd walk out right away. I'd take the ladder back in climb and repeat.

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