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Fast Food Hell Crazy Customers: Cherry Coke Lady and Oreo Shake Guy



From Fast Food Survivor:

So I used to work at a popular drive-in that shares the name of a blue Sega hedgehog.

The regular (or shall I say, irregular) custys at this place should have been in psych wards. 

The first one I met was known as the Cherry Coke Lady.

Every day - yes, EVERY day - she would show up at the drive thru for her cherry coke.

When I had the pleasure of meeting her, I was taking down orders for the first time.

I stated our usual greeting and asked what she wanted.

Her answer? 

"Give me my usual."

Yeah, as if I can see who you are or even remember if we've met before.

Fortunately, my manager came over and made her order for me, whilst explaining this custys' "usual." 

She must always have an extra large (44 oz) coke, with extra cherry. And a DISCOUNT, just for bitching at us every day.

However, the worst is yet to come.

We keep a bucket of ice up front by our drink fountain for easy access, but she wanted the fresh ice. From the back. How the HELL she could tell the difference is beyond me. If the ice did not come from the "fresher" selection in the back, she would go ballistic. I think she has secret video cameras in that restaurant.

Next is the Oreo Shake Guy.

He would come in occasionally, order an Oreo shake, and while we attempted to mix it perfectly, and have the exact size Oreo bits, and his perfect blend of ice cream and soft serve, he would take a sip, yell at us about how he owns ten of these restaurants (not ours, though, which makes you wonder why he wasn't focusing on them) and that we always do everything wrong.

My managers, eager to please, would force us to make him another immediately, free of charge. And this is only the beginning of the craziness. 

On a lighter note, one night, a car full of teenage boys dressed as superman, batman, spiderman, etc. visited the restaurant. My coworker brought their food to their car and, smiling, asked if it was for a costume party or something. Batman then proceeds to lean out of the car window, and say angrily, "Excuse me, but we, like, protect your city."
Made my day. :)

Anyway, I'm very glad not to be working there any longer, but wish me luck as I begin a new job at a bookstore soon.

--Fast Food Hell Survivor







We have GOT to stop training these assholes to be abusive, entitled pricks.
I Swear, it works like this
Thinking: *If I abuse the workers and yell, I get free stuff and discounts* *Customer grins like the Grinch*

McHell Manager

Ugh, people like that really piss me off. In the mean time, I go to the Hedgehog place, order my food and literally every single aspect of it is wrong some how, and I don't complain too much. All I did was send an email saying "Not looking for any freebees or what not, but this is what happened"

Which by the way, I have had exactly two experiences with that place so far in my life. Both of them have been bad. I don't see what the hype is all about.


The only reason I ever go in there is that the diet cherry limeade is good. (It's actually better than the sugar version). Their burgers are shit, the tater tots are ok, and one of the few places you can get them, and they MICROWAVE their corn dogs. What the hot buttered hell?


Surely its not Good Burger or Mondo Burger by chance?


"Blue Sega hedgehog" = Sonic's.

Kai Lowell

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?

(And I've just dated myself.)


I picked up Good Burger on dvd awhile back.

But I would love someone attempt to order a Giant Ass Hamburger and get told to ask Mondo Burger across the street. Yes, Mondo does deliver, even to the top of your car.

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