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Fitting Room Nightmares: Kimmie's Creepy Granny



From Kimmie:

One fitting room nightmare story I will never forget, happened on my first day at a new children's clothing store.

I waited on a 5'3 65 year old woman who insisted that I help her find a bathrobe. No matter how many times I told her it was a CHILDREN'S STORE, she still wanted to purchase a robe.

I grabbed her a few robes and she followed me into the dressing room. I told her my name and went to go ring up another customer.

Two minutes later I hear "Kimmie, Kimmie, over here."

I finished up with my customer and walked over to the fitting rooms. She came out in the children's robe....NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!

Then she proceeded to dance and swirl throughout our store....

With each swirl more of the robe opened up to reveal she was NAKED underneath....

I told her she must get back in her dressing room, but she continued to swirl like a sick swan all over the place. She finally ran out of breath, put her clothes on and walked out like nothing happened.

Fast forward 5 years.

Our store is closing for good. The very last customer comes in and......

It's the old lady lady!!!

I wouldn't have recognized her....BUT...SHE asked to try on ROBES!!!

She went to the fitting room and put one on, but instead of swirling around, she collected her clothing, went to the register and demanded we ring up the robe and let her WEAR IT OUT of the store..


Two days days later we were cleaning the store to hand back to the mall and we found her grandma panties and stockings in a pile in the corner.. YIKES.. Hand Sanitizer time!!!! What a creepy Granny!









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