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Fittingroom55From Max, August, 2008:

I work in ***** Outlet Retail Hell. Myself and a manager went out of our way to help this nasty bitch of a customer...
got her shopping bags, suggested outfits for her fat ass, took all her crap to the fitting room, got her different sizes...

She ends up trying on 4 bags worth of clothes, and only buys like 3 items.

She comes out of her fitting room (we gave her
the large one for all her shit), shuts the door behind her, then comes over to me and goes, "Oh please don't hate me, but
I had to leave everything in there, my car just broke down."

I'm thinking like WTF???!? You're trying on clothes, how the hell do you know your car broke down?

She then runs out of the fitting room like a bat out of hell. I opened up her room and found the lovely mess in the pictures below.

Thankfully she left 5 minutes before my shift ended, so I didn't get stuck folding all her shit, but I did have to drag it all out of her room.










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