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Frozen Yogurt Shop Hell: "you gave my friend 6 raspberries and I got 5!"



From Alycia:

I work at a frozen yogurt shop and some customer and her friend ordered yogurt with some raspberries and blueberries. So I made the damn thing as usual, gave it to them, and they went on their merry fuckin way.

Then, like 8 hours later, when we were about to close, she comes back in with her empty yogurt cup, throws it (yes, I mean throws it!) in my face, and started screaming "We both ordered the same thing and you gave my friend 6 raspberries and I got 5!!! I was upset about this ALL DAY!! I demand a refund!!!!"

My boss was there so unfortunately I had to contain myself from jumping over the counter and punching her in the face, as I made another one, with a total of SIX raspberries. WTF people?! Will you just eat your damn yogurt and shut up!!? Never once have I gone into any store and complained like that, even if I actually had a right to complain, unlike this bitch! These people put humanity to shame.

And being upset and crying over 1 raspberry ALL day?? Come on, seriously get a life!


Feb 2009








"Get a life!" And a free yogurt, and reinforcement for the idea that 'If I'm a big enough asshole, I will get whatever I want'...


You didn't blow her a raspberry to make up for it, and say now do you feel better or I can give you an extra if you want it.

Misty Meanor

I swear, crusties never stop finding things to whine about!


According to them we are big, fat meanies who want to deny them happiness!


I would have handed her 1 raspberry and said "have a nice day"

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