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From March, 2011:

Greetings, Retail Hellians! Stepford Snarker here, feeling downright delighted that I wasn't scheduled to work Mardi Gras.

As to be expected, it was really busy, and I was stuck on the busiest register in the store. I was working my ass off, trying to get everyone out as quickly as I could. And then, I had a a lovely teachable moment with a custy.

Ah, this custy. She expected me to be a psychic and freaked out when I didn't know that she wanted item A and item B rung up together and item C rung up separately; never mind that there was no indication of how she wanted them rung up. She was too busy showing off her new phone to her friend to respond to my greeting. And then, when I held out my hand for her to pay me, she put the money on the grocery belt.

Well! I calmly picked up the money and counted out her change. I ignored her hand held out for the money and calmly placed the money right where she had put her money.

As she struggled to pick up the money and whined about it to her friend, I did my best not to say, "Now you know how it feels. I hope you won't be doing that again."

It might not be the most polite way of expressing how I felt, but damn, it felt good.

--Stepford Snarker


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