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Terri17From metalface84, AskReddit

An old Asian man used to come in the store where I worked and cause trouble. Just so you can visualize this, he was hunched over to the side and would usually hold up his head with one hand. He wore tall rain boots, had a bazillion things clipped to his belt, and had a light strapped to his head, like a miner.

Anyway, one night he came into the store 12 minutes before closing and went in the bathroom. As closing time (9pm) approached, we made the closing announcement. Dude was still in the bathroom at 9. My manager made me knock on the door and tell him he needed to leave. He just said he would be out soon. Soon it is 9:20 and he's still in there stalling.

The manager finally went back there threatening to call the police. The dude came out with his pants down, holding a bag containing his underwear. The smell that came out of that bathroom was awful. He shit up the whole damn toilet seat somehow. Some was even on the tank and the floor.

My manager a small Asian woman, was super pissed, telling him he is banned from the store. All the while he is asking her what her name is and telling her she's mean. She storms away, leaving me to escort him out.

He keeps asking me why she is always so angry and has the nerve to ask me if I'll go get him a gallon of milk if he writes me a check for it.





Doesn't he understand that he spread a biohazard around the bathroom? He is going to be banned from many stores if he keeps violating OSHA law!

Misty Meanor

Either he doesn't get it or just doesn't care.


Why should he care? It's not HIS bathroom... They just magically get cleaned all on the own without any intervention from him.

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