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Top Phrases Sexist Assholes Say to a Woman Working at a Home Improvement Store


Carolanne 054a

From Depot Demon, March 2009:

I get all kinds of custys at a certain home improvement store who loves the color orange, including the most sexist assholes you can think of.

I work in Lumber and Building materials, which involves lifting some heavy shit. If I can't lift it, I can't work in that department. However, male customers love trying to get the other male associates in the department instead of me.

Here are some examples of shit that has been said to me and some I've heard from other women:

"You shouldn't be working here, why aren't you cashiering like women should be? Leave it to the guys."Carolanne 052a

"You know, women shouldn't be working. You should be at home making your man dinner." (That one made me go WTF.)

"I got a bad back. Why don't you get one of the guys to lift this for me?"

"I'll go to the other store down the street. I don't want a girl to help me."

"Let me get a guy over here. You women don't really know what you're talking about"

"You know what? Let me get that guy to help me. He should know what he's talking about better than you."

"They must be desperate, if they're hiring girls"

This kind of thing happens all the time.

I love it when I'm the only one there, and I get to watch them suffer, or the look on their face when I lift something for them. It's like their world gets turned upside down! Muhaha!







Tech Support and IT suffers from similar. Women frequently hear some variant of "No, honey/sweetheart/condescending term of their choice, I'm not trying to get a receptionist/secretary/operator/sexist job of your choice, I need to talk to a tech. Can you transfer me to the tech department? Bonus points if they argue or refuse to talk to a woman.

My all time favorite was back around 2000, 2001, something like that:

Me: Thank you for calling, this is Tenebris, How can I help you?

Him: "Oh thank God! I finally got a guy on the phone, this is my 5th call! listen, you gotta help me!"

Me: "Certainly, sir! I'll do my best, and just for future reference, our female techs have the same training, and are just as qualified to troublshoot and help you"

Him: "I know, it's not that, it's just, I was looking at these naked women online, and now I'm getting all these windows popping up and my computer isn't working right"

Turns out, he had been calling in and hanging up as soon as he heard a female voice on the other end. It took him 5 times, with a queue time of around 30 minutes each time, to get through to a guy, because he was too embarrassed to tell a girl that he had screwed up his computer looking at free porn



A couple of times at various jobs I've helped out with sexist assholes... Had the lady transfer them to me, (Not all of the assholes were male) and I'd play my best dumb.."I dunno, lemme ask our expert. Hey (female tech name), how does dumbass do (something simple)?" Every question, I'd ask them.

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