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Honestly, the best I had was a girl who came in to our store with her two friends in a hoodie, sweat pants and flip flops (thongs), looked at cell phones for 20 minutes (one of the Canadian Big 3).

When my staff went to ask them if they needed any help, the girl says, "Nah, I'm just waiting for my interview with Camofeather."

I'd been standing there, name tag in sight...

My girls just look at me.

I inform her I was the one she was looking for (already damned sure I wasn't hiring her at this point), and direct her out to the benches chairs in the hall.

Throughout the interview, her friends kept coming over and talking to her, she answered no less than 5 text messages, and chewed bubble gum the entire time.

The third or so time her friends came over, I asked her if she wanted to reschedule for a better time.

She said "Nope."

My response, as I'm packing up, "Well, I do. I'll call to IF we choose to reschedule."

I didn't reschedule.

The best part was when she called afterwards asking when she was going to start. Pretty sure she heard me laughing as I hung up on her.





I would've jokingly asked if her friends wanted a job. Seems they were acting like her posse or something.

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