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SkulliesFrom Gaia227TalesFromRetail

A woman came in to interview for a front desk position at the hotel I worked for.

She was wearing green fuzzy slippers, pink socks, a pair of shorts with a button up white shirt tucked in..... so from the waist up she looked normal.

While she was waiting for the manager to come get her, she proceeded to hang around the front desk and tell us her whole life story about her 'crackhead boyfriend' who died, living in a car with her baby, having said baby taken away from her, blah, blah.

During the interview she told my boss that her last job was at a bank, where she was caught and convicted of embezzlement.

Boss was confused because nowhere on her resume did she have the bank job listed. Boss asked about it.

The woman replied, "Well yeah, I didn't put it on my resume! I didn't want you to know about it!"




Misty Meanor

Probably she got fired for some sort of illegal activity!


Honestly this sounds more like someone who has to apply to x amount of jobs per week to keep either unemployment or other benefits and isn't allowed to turn down interviews. So instead they purposely bomb them so completely, there is no way they would be hired even by the most desperate of places.

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