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Freddy Fuck youFrom RHUer

This past summer, I was going to start my first job as a waiter at a movie theater/restaurant. The talks I had with the managers seemed good, and they seemed to like me.

We set up a date and time for me to come in for training. The first time I show up 20 minutes early.

However, at the appointed time, the guy who was supposed to be training me is mysteriously 'busy.'

At first, I figure, "Okay, he's running behind. Life happens."

But time passed. And kept passing.

I tried several times to inquire whether the manager was ready to train me, and each time I was brushed off or told that the manager would get to me 'soon.' I ended up waiting two hours before giving up and leaving.

I get a call from the guy saying he was sorry, but family issues came up.  As I listen to his voice, I get the feeling that he's lying through his teeth.

Don't get me wrong, if worse comes to worst and a loved one dies, it can fuck you up. But surely at least one coworker or fellow manager could have seen that he needed to leave, or just sit in a quiet office and try to put the pieces of his life back together. Surely SOMEONE could have stepped in and told me that things just weren't going to happen that day. Instead, I kept getting brushed off; not like "he's in there freaking the hell out and we're trying not to admit it," but more like, "just sit there until he deigns to grace you with his precious time." There was this... pompousness about the whole thing.

Over the course of the next month, the managers and trainer that scheduled me never showed up for the SIX training sessions we scheduled and I confirmed. There was always an excuse,e ach more flimsy sounding than the last.

After that I just left a message saying that I was glad I had dodged a bullet, since management was clearly too spineless to just tell me that the job offer was no longer on the table. I sarcastically thanked them for their lack of professionalism, and told them to please shred my application, since I clearly was never going to work for their company.

I don't even feel bad that my message likely burned that bridge... because honestly I don't think the bridge was ever there to burn in the first place.



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This is very close to how interviews went when you were one of hundreds that they wanted to have selling products door to door to people in the area. Hold on to them applicants for another 2 weeks and start the next group of 20 after all the last group quit. You then found out it was a door to door sales job and not the advertised job at the first actual interview.


Contact the Department of Labor... the company was required to pay you for all those times you came in for scheduled training even if they didn't bother to do the training. They have to pay you for the time you came in.

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