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I was driving long haul, into the Chicago area, near Marshall Field's rear docks.

That street was narrow, so it had signs about no parking. Trucks could not make the turn if there was a car near the corner.

Well some pea brained idiot decided to plant their ass between the 'no parking' signs.... I guess thinking they could pretend that they weren't parked under the sign, therefore they were exempt.

Well, along comes my truck, and find myself stuck. I can't back up, and to go forward would involve destroying the car.

A traffic cop came along and instructed me to run over the idiot's vehicle if I had to. You guessed it: my truck took the nose off that car.

The officer added insult to injury by putting two citations on the car. One was for parking in the no parking zone. The other? My huge ass truck not only destroyed its front end, but it also shoved the itty bitty little car pretty far up onto the curb!

I would have loved to have seen the look on that pea brained idiot's face when he saw the damage and the citations.

It certainly cured the problem of people parking there, for a little while anyhow!





Heh. An officially sanctioned 'fuck you asshole'.


I got a semi cab ride up the hood of a plant supervisor's new car that was parked in the semi back up for the dock area. They had about a football field of empty employee parking lot that was clear of any cars. Our cab only raised a couple feet, the car was crouching after that. We rode up the hood on our rear tires while a heavy completely loaded trailer was attached, so a few tons pressed down on that suspension, but the engine kept us from crushing through. I was not the driver, just on a ride along. The dock employee loved that this happened, and had told him that was a no parking area, but you see how that reminder was ignored.


The dock employee had previously told the plant supervisor it was a no parking area and been ignored. Had to make that more clear.


"Whoops. Couldn't see the car that was parked in the wrong place. That's why the employee parking is over THERE, instead of here, so this sort of thing doesn't happen/"


OP... I'm sorry but the experience of having his car totaled probably didn't stop that same guy from doing the same thing again...


People tend to remember lessons that cost them thousands of dollars...

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