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A buddy of mine shared this story with me. A coworker mixed his entitlement with bad parking in a company parking lot.

Now, parking was a little limited here: you got your parking spot with your name on it, and that was where you parked. Everybody who is an employee has a spot, so anybody parking in your spot will experience some retaliation. Towing was common. Ticketing and towing was a sweet double deal.

But my buddy? He was going to take no shit, and he made it damn clear that not only was he a genius, but he was an EVIL genius.

One of the engineers in his department got a brand new BMW, and proceeded to speshul sneuxflayke his way into trouble. Deciding that he couldn't POSSIBLY suffer for his life choices in any way, he parked across both his AND my buddy's parking space one morning; taking them both up.

Well, the company had several gantry cranes, like the ones you would use to move stacked cargo container boxes. My buddy, for the cost of a six pack of ice cold soda, got one of the crane operators to pick the offending car up. It was then set down in between two chilling units for the environmental systems in the building. There was about three inches of clearance between the car doors and the chillers.

The chillers were inside a chain link fence.

The BMW owner got the message.



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