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Meat Department Hell: Sharp Knives Hurt



From u/Filistata, Tales From Retail:

I work in the meat department in a large grocery store. Now I'm not a meat cutter just a clerk. I stock and clean, but am not supposed to cut. Most people are ok with this and will come back later. Not this lady.

Pushy Lady: I need 2 chicken breasts cut into stir fry

Me: well I'm not a cutter and am not supposed to be cutting meat. Unfortunately all the cutters have gone home for the night.

PL: Well then why are you back here. It's easy just cut it into strips for me.

Me: well I'm not supposed

PL: (interrupts me and gets louder) so you aren't going to cut this. It's easy really I'll show you.

She started miming cutting the chicken and all I wanted to say was if it's so easy do it yourself.

Me: ok well I can try I guess but it might not be as good or exactly the way the way you want.

I take the chicken into the back pick up a knife and go to dry it off, since I had just done dishes, and slice my finger right open. I run out and all I hear is

PL: are you serious did you just cut yourself.

Ended up in urgent care but didnt need stitches and then o top it all off I find out she was complaining that I faked cutting my finger just to avoid cutting her damn chicken.






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