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Coworker Hell: Seasonal Help



Reminds me of the greedy bastards that started asking mother the day after dad died and the next couple days to:
1. Sell them his work truck cheep.
2. Sell them his tools at about 10% value.
3. When will the house be going up for sale? Fucking realtors!
All this before we even had the funeral. Us adult kids were there to stick our foot up their ass as they moved to slowly off the property. We wanted to beat the shit out of them, and I don't know how we didn't assault someone. It was a family bossiness too, so it's not like it shut down. It stayed running another 15 years.


Ugh! I'm sorry you went through that, Jofur. People are disgusting sometimes. I don't know how you managed to keep from beating the hell out of people, either. If I had to go through that when my mom died, IDK what I would've done

Tech Support Survivor

I laughed so hard. Then I shared this with my mother. She laughed just as hard.

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