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From  December, 2009:

DepotDemon speaking to you all about the age old question that is the bane of all retail...

"Do you work here?"

We all know that this question does not end well, but for once it does.

I am one of those people who shops at Wally World, way more often than I should, but what can I say? I'm cheap. :/ I never wear a blue shirt near the place, but still I get asked if I work there.

I work another job as a security guard...wait, officer (eye roll inserted here) and the uniform is a white dress shirt, and dark grey dress pants. Al long as memory serves, those colors come nowhere near blue and khaki, in any dimension.

To top it off, I have a heavy winter coat on.

I'm standing in mens wear looking for gloves, and this obnoxious fat lady turns to me, and asks very loudly and gratingly (is that even a word?) "Do you work here?"

To which I look down at my outfit, look back up, and say "Are you kidding me? Does it look like I fucking work here? I mean I know white looks like blue but I'm sorry I don't."

As she walked away, I heard a grumble about "the manager" or something.

I suppose I could have been nicer, but I did just come from Depot and there was 3 years of repressed Depot anger and I just didn't give a damn.

So for once, I got to say what I really felt and it felt AWESOME!!!!!! Bwhahaha!



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