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From u/blondiebombs   I Don't Work Here Lady:

I was on my lunch break and decided to go to the local supermarket to buy something quick to eat. I wear black trousers and black fleece with my yellow work logo on it and a name tag. the super market staff wear all black and green fleeces and black trousers so i can see why anyone would get confused if they arent paying full attention.

I was in the chilled aisle looking for the pre made pasta and an old lady was pushing her trolly behind a staff member who was stocking the fridge and said "Where is the butter?"and kept repeating it over and over getting more and more annoyed as the staff member wasnt aware of her. I walked past and then the woman grabbed my arm.

OW - Old Woman

B - Me


B - Sorry I don't work here, but it should be in one of these fridge aisles.

OW - You should know exactly where things are if you work here! and why is that boy ignoring me?

B - I don't work here, I work for (alteration shop)

OW - This isn't good enough. I want to speak to your manager, what your name and that boys name!

B - Look I don't work here. I've told you this a few times now. the butter should be around this aisle as the milk is right there.

I started to walk away as I had to get back to work soon so I walked in the direction of the fridge stocker.

Just then the store manager comes around the corner and starts to use sign language with the other guy stocking the fridge. Just then I turned and saw the old womans face turn bright red. Straight away she walked the other direction away from them and she even managed to find the butter around 5 feet from where she was standing.







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