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From  u/TinHawk Tales From Retail:

I work in a big box electronics retail store. I recently got stuck answering phones.

Me: Thank you for calling [electronics retailer], how can I help you?

Customer, very loud voice, clearly frustrated: is this [tech support company who works in the store]?

Me: No, sir, this is [electronics retailer], but [tech support company] is in the store here. Maybe I can help. What's the issue?

(90% of these issues don't need to be transferred)

Customer screams the name of the tech support company in my ear.

Me: Sir, in order to get you to the correct person, I need more info. What's going on?

Customer screams the name of the company again, slower and louder in my ear.

Me, done completely with this guy, transfers him to the corporate robot line.

Moral of the story: look, I'm a human. I get you're frustrated, but i don't deserve to be treated like that. Especially since i had literally zero to do with why you're upset. If you treat people in customer service like they're idiots or less than humans, you're going to be forced to talk to robots instead. And that tech support robot is the actual worst.

Update: He called back today and did it again. I wonder how many times we will do this dance, sir.








Why the h*ll don't you simply transfer him to the tech support folks? It seems that you, or someone doing the same job has been refusing to pass him along.

That's what he wants, why thwart him repeatedly?

I don't blame him for yelling.


Because he's a shrieking asshole. Because they may be required to try to fix it first. Because they might still haven't had the shiny new 'wants to help the world' beaten out of them.

But mostly because he's a shrieking asshole, I'm sure. He did get transferred to the tech support line, but if he hadn't been a shrieking asshole, he may have gotten help faster.


Yeah he totally earned that. How hard is it to say "okay, this is the issue I'm having, a d tbis is what I've already tried..."

You'd be surprised how quickly you get help when you're not acting like a two year old having a temper tantrum.


And if he didn't just shriek and fling poo at the phone, I'm sure the tech support line was one of the options available. But people like this just chimp-slap the phone until they get someone to scream at.

It's why I hate those 'get a human' sites. The reason the phone tree exists is to get you to the right place, rather than wasting everyone's time...

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