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From u/stephaniecharbonneau  Tales From Retail:

I work in a tanning salon, for the latter half of the summer we've been closed on Sundays cause its just been way too slow. We've had a "closed on Sundays until further notice" sign on the door the whole time as well as changed the hours sign to say Sunday-closed. I had an older couple come in, and right after I greet them with my smiling face I can see the anger.. "We came here yesterday and you were closed! Theres nothing that says CLOSED either." "Yes sir, we are closed on Sundays!". "Well I just wanna know what we can get for our lost time!".

At this point I am thinking that somehow he thinks he lost tanning minutes off his account somehow like thinking they expired or something?- so I'm like "Oh you didn't lose anything you still have X minutes on your account!".

"Excuse me? You don't think that the time we WASTED, to come here to get tanned, which is WHAT YOU OFFER? ISNT IT? Is worth ANYTHING? We just want to be reimbursed for our time."

why why why are people like this lol










You can get a free tanning session. Come back next Sunday.


The sign on the door doesn't really let people know you are closed until after they've taken the time to go to your business. The big question is whether your website/google result shows that you are closed on Sundays, and if you have anything on your phone message that says your business hours. I take public transit and I've dealt with a 1.5 hour trip to get to a business that said they were open (per their website) only to find different permanent hours on their door and they were closed. I'd be pretty angry to have wasted a chunk of my day too.


As have I, SS, and I was pretty upset, and I used the company's website to leave them a message detailing my anger, but you still don't go and yell at the employee, they have no control over it. Also, it sounds like they were regulars with an account, who would have had opportunity to see the new hours

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