The Race Card Backfires
Entitled Customers: Dude, We *All* Work Retail Here

Monstrous Customers: "That's not right there's too much fat, it looks like garbage, are you sure that's sirloin?"



From Jekyll and Hyde, September, 2009:

I work as a butcher for a local Grocery Chain. One Monday evening, a woman approaches my counter asking if I had more of the sirloin steaks I have on sale for the week. I tell her i have none already cut but I would gladly cut her some. She agrees so I cut her a 1 inch steak showed it to her asking if this was OK, her reply:

"That's not right there's too much fat, it looks like garbage, are you sure that's sirloin?"

I replied: "Ma'am this is the sirloin." (for those who may not know Sirloin is a very lean but as with any meat there will be some fat).

So I told her I'd open a new one. I repeat the process and still she was unsatisfied promptly adding "I come from a family of butchers and that's not sirloin it's way too fatty."

She then gestures to the All Natural Sirloin steaks I also carry adding, "Open one and let me see how it looks."

Again I cut a 1 inch steak and showed it to her. Still to no avail I couldn't please this woman.

Trying not to reach across my counter and choke the ever-living hell out of her I said, "I'm sorry ma'am but I have no control over if there's fat in the meat or not."

To which she replies:"OK smartass, I want to speak to your manager because you're being very rude to me."

At this point I have other customers who are starting to get upset because this woman is wasting everyone's time. I tell her I'm the evening manager since I'm the only one there at night and have been there for 4 years.


She now has that you're-full-of-shit look on her face, so I call the store manager who is working that evening who happens to like me. He knows how hard I work for how little pay I make.

This woman starts bitching profusely, saying she knows the owner and how appalled she is to have such rude people serve her, to which he replies: "Really so do I, would you like me to call him for you so you can complain about us?"

Did that ever shut her mouth, then she says, "This is bullshit and I'm never shopping here again."

To which my manager replies: "I'm sorry you feel that way ma'am, but please don't get ass marks on my doors on the way out.

I don't think I'll be seeing her ever again!

--Jekyll and Hyde






"Don't get ass marks on my door on the way out." Ha!

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