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From u/mbbcx1  Tales From Retail:

So this happened yesterday. I had been working at a clothing store in the mall for about a month now and currently loving it surprisingly. My job is great when it comes to coworkers, bosses and hours but the customers, as always, are tempermental.

So yesterday I had started my shift and my normal routine is check on fitting rooms, circle floor, register, go backs, repeat. So as I was checking the fitting rooms I knock on the door with my key (keep in mind that my head pokes over the door a bit so it looks like I'm looking in but I usually look at the door knob) and ask of the woman was alright, she gave the generic response of yes I am and I move on.

After an hour I am at the fitting rooms again, about to unlock one for a nice old lady, when the big guy comes up with a woman behind him with a 'not again' look. He looks angry so I put on my retail smile and ask him,

"Hi there, is there something I can help you with?" He just glares at me and growls.

"Hey man, that was really disrespectful towards my wife earlier!" At this point my smile almost faulters out of confusion.

"I'm....sorry sir, I don't understand what you mean" his face turns red after I say this.

"You looked at my wife while she was changing! Wouldn't you be mad if I did that to your wife!?" He is yelling at this point with his wife looking really embarrassed and giving me a apologic look.

I just take a deep breath and say, "Sir I can for a matter of fact say that I have no interest in that, I simply checked on her earlier and my head tends to poke over the door." He doesn't like my answer. At this point my patience is thin. I used to be in the military so I can't handle it when peopme are beijg disrespectful to me.

He then proceeds to scream at me while I just stood there with a smile. My manager came over and asked about the situation. He gives his version then I give mine, he then calls me a liar. Before my manager could respond the wife stepped in.

"Ok, this is way too embarrassing. Sorry about my husband he can be very protective." She said towsrds my manager and I. "AJ, we need to leave, now!" She said the last word while glaring at him.

At this point the man looked really confused and you could tell the glare was some sort of signal to him. They left after that, my manager just sighed, patted my shoulder, and walked off. After that my coworkers were just laughing and joking about it whenever we had no customers in the store.

So yeah, I got chewed out for nothing, a normal day in retail.







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