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From  u/AecroMint Tales From Retail:

So today there’s this ridiculous customer that came into the apparel store I work in. Let’s name her L for Lady. And I am using the same polite tone as usual to greet each patrons

Me: Hello. Good evening ma’am. How can I help you?

L: I would like to purchase these three items.

Me: Okay.

Me: The total would be $65, with an additional discount on the 2nd item. Would you like to pay by cash or card?

L: WHAT?! Didn’t the display said if I purchase two pieces, I will get another piece for free? What happened to that?

Me: Sorry Ma’am, I am afraid you might have mis-interpreted the display’s meaning for this design.

Me: For this design, the display stated that if you purchase an item, the following item will have an additional discount to it, we do not give free pieces for this one.

Me: the one you are looking at is for another design, would you want to opt for that inst-

L: It’s clearly for this design, don’t think I’m dumb alright?

Me: Ma’am-

L: SHUT UP and let me talk! I am not done yet!

Me: okay ... (I feel so humiliated damn)


L: How did the management hire you? You can’t read!

L: I definitely do not accept this! Let me talk to your manager, it’s clearly stating that it’s buy two get one free for ALL items! (Clearly it isn’t facepalms)

Me: I could get my manager to speak to you if that’s what you want but he’s going to tell you the same thing as I do, is that alright?

L: GET YOUR MANAGER TO SPEAK TO ME RIGHT NOW! I will definitely get him to fire you!

(Went to get my manager and of course, my manager told the lady the same thing and this was when she threw the items that she was holding onto on the ground and left furiously.)

I definitely hope to never see her again, some people really needs to see clearly on what the sign is stating!









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