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From RHUer, April 2009:

Last night at work, I was just about to close my register down and get my returns after my last customers. They're still working on paying for their food, when this woman on the phone comes up to my register and sets her stuff down, making a statement to me, "Please don't tell me you will say no to checking me out here."

My light is clearly off and my close sign had been up for 10 minutes before her.

I tell her, "I'm sorry ma'am, I'm on a schedule." Considering I'm on a 40 hour work week!

She then, hilariously, tells the person on her phone that "the lady at checkout" won't let her check out there even tho the lines are bad.

She comes around to the other side of the register, still on her phone, and she asks me "What is your name? I am going to report you!"

I ignore her, and when I'm finally finished with my customers, I tell them to have a good night and I sign off my register.

I look back, to see if I could see the lady, and I didn't know where she had gone. So I hurried to grab my returns, take them to customer service, and then went to the back to clock out. The lady never got my name. I'll be back to work tomorrow (in a different department), I wonder if I'll get called into the office or something.

That lady reminded me of a small child not getting something he wants on the shelf. "I'm gonna tell my mommy!! What is your name? WAHHH!"

Oh, and I clocked out at exactly three minutes before I was scheduled off! Since I'm on a 40 hour work week, imagine if I was late clocking out?














You did nothing wrong! You work hard and follow the schedule management set up for you and this woman shows you zero respect!

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