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Nasty Ass ThievesFrom u/inspectorgadget88TalesFromTheCustomer

Years ago, as an almost-broke student with a toddler, I frequently ordered from the local pizza chain to save myself some time that could then be spent either doing homework or with my kid. Sometimes lunch, other times dinner.

Lunch was never a problem, but when I would order later in the day for dinner there would always be a charge to my card for $10 more than what I had signed for.

I feel it is important to note that nothing else was really ever wrong with my order, in respect to the food itself.

So, each time that this overcharge happened, I would go in, explain the situation, and the day manager would always just refund my entire purchase in cash, including the $10 overcharge. Ok, that's cool. The charge stayed on my card, but I got the full amount back. I like to believe that it helped my case that, each time, I approached the situation calmly and only asked for the $10 back.

But cool, free food.

A few weeks later, I sat down with the GM of the location, at my request, because this has now happened 4 times. Basically just wanted to be sure that he was aware that a pattern had formed, and if it is happening to me it is happening to others who may or may not notice, and who almost definitely will not be as patient as I have been.

I get a call about a week later. GM did some research and some surveillance (including a dummy purchase under a fake name with a prepaid card) and had found the culprit.

The evening shift lead was adding a "1" in front of the tip amount, on every credit receipt. She would then pocket the surplus. Hundreds of dollars per week. How in the world more people didn't complain, I will never know. I wish I had the cash to not worry about 10 bucks.

How did he know that it was on every receipt? She didn't even put the effort in to use the same color ink. She carried a purple pen, for her own use when taking orders and stuff. So, the 1 was in purple on every receipt. Rookie mistake, LOL.

She was fired, and escorted out by the police when she went ballistic. The boss man wasn't going to follow up with any charges, but the local PD strongly encouraged him to.

I don't know if she was ever charged, but that location is closed now. I miss their pizza.



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That's why you should always add a - in front of the tip amount to mark it as 'there's no number here'. With effort it can be turned into another number, but it would be even more obvious....Or if you leave cash, write 'on table' or something in the line, never just leave it blank.

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