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A very old joke. My father had one of those from the 60's.


Even older joke using a pineapple in shows and cartoons for a grenade, since that grenade was known as a pineapple grenade.


How do you tell if it's a live grenade, again? As opposed to a dummy, which I presume that one is?


If you zoom in on that one, you can see that the entire thing aside from the two rings making the 'pin' is one solid piece. It isn't a repurposed real grenade, it's a grenade-shaped object.

I used to have a real practice grenade. The top part was steel, and screwed into the bottom which was cast iron. It didn't have any of the firing mechanism, but you could see where it would have been, and the 'spoon', the lever down the side that you hold to keep it from going off was able to come off if the pin was removed. The bottom of it had been ground off, to a flat surface with a hole, with the top unscrewed you could see right through it.


Ty, TT! I used to have people in my life who would tell me about such things, but unfortunately (for the sake of finding out such things), I've outlived them all.


No worries. After 25 years in tech support I'm good at explaining things, or at least coming up with a plausible pile of bullshit. :D

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