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Jason confusedFrom RHUer

Before retiring, I drove a tractor trailer and the trailers I moved had MRI or CT or PET Scan machines in them. Most hospital driveways are not made for trucks, so we needed every inch and then some. I had many experiences of inconsiderate drivers.

I have to say that I already had two retirements secured, so this was an insurance retirement I was working on.

We had this doctor visiting from another state and he parked right beside the no parking sign advising them that a medical trailer parked there, so every week when I arrived I would have to get security to have him come out and move his car.

About the third week he came out with remarks that it was ridiculous for him, an emergency room doctor, to have to move his car.

I proceeded to tell him his job was no more important than the person that cleaned the room that he worked in. That we all had jobs to do to ensure the patients got the best care possible.

He moved his car, walked back by the trailer and thanked me for a reality check.... next week he was parked there again.

And then something mysterious happened! SOMEONE acquired windshield markers and wrote rude messages on EVERY window of his car! They were so mean too! Calling him an entitled douchebag. Telling him he's too stupid to have a driver's license. Asking him how he could be a doctor when he can't even figure out how to park in the doctor's parking lot. Stuff like that.

Nobody knows who could have done something like that. One of the great mysteries of the universe, I tell you!

But he never parked there again.




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