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Piggy Shopper Hell with Nail Polish


This Piggy Shopper attack was captured by B, August 2009:

"Today I was working around the cosmetics area and I happened upon this. For some damn reason our customers think it is perfectly fine to spread nail polish on the base shelf and the plastic labels....'OH HAY I'LL JUST SEE WHAT COLOR IT IS EVEN THOUGH I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING CONTAINER. LET ME JUST USE THIS SHELF TO SEE WHAT COLOR IT WILL BE.' ....just unbelievable..."

We would like to find the Piggy Shopper who did this and test every nail polish color on her fucking face!



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Kai Lowell

Beats seeing someone open the bottle, try the color on their nails, then CLOSE THE BOTTLE AND PUT IT BACK...

I should have told an employee about the lady I saw doing that, but my flabber was so thoroughly gasted that I didn't even think about it till I was on the way home.

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