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Piggy Shopper Hell: Woman Devours Plate of Sandwich Samples and Asks For More



From ScottyRS, September 2009:

So I sometimes work in the "demo hut" at the local unique grocery store.

Customers go bonkers for anything in a sample cup, it doesn't matter if is is sunflower seed butter and reduced sugar jam sandwich or Thai chicken strips. Samples are usually quite small, often because the warehouse shorts us on orders for featured items.

One slow evening, around 8:15, a obese middle age woman waddles over to the counter. She is wearing wildly mismatched shorts and blouse. Her stomach extended far out and jiggled as she moved. A real piece of work.

There were several cups of the aforementioned SSBJ sammies on a serving plate. The woman immediately asked me if I could open a jar of peanut butter for her, I politely but firmly said "no."

All the while she was grabbing the little sandwiches out of their cups and stuffing them in her mouth. Other customers avoiding the samples because this revolting woman was blocking the entire counter.

A co-worker, a spry old man known as the "Dairy Troll," comes over to get his lunch and observes my exchange with this woman.

I finally ask her to not take anymore, then I have to slide the plate away from her.

My co-worker says "Wow she really likes those!" loud enough for her to her.

She finally relents and retreats to the nearby bathroom, presumably to take an enormous shit.

"She's going to be a while," the Dairy Troll says. "There's a lot stuck up there."

Just another day in the grocery game.







There should be a sign limiting customers to only a certain number of samples. It's unfair this female version of Homer Simpson devoured all the samples she could get her hands on! She showed poor manners and was rude when asked not to take anymore samples!


Butter Megon McDonough Greatest Hits
Use this album she has black hair in the picture, or you'll get a bad version.

Kai Lowell

BH, what good would a sign do? We all know crusties don't read...


Jofur... wut?


It's a song about aging and having to reduce what you enjoyed in quantity or it builds up as fat.

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