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Retail Balls: Crying Bitch Customer Gets Told



This was RHU's first Retail Balls Award, May 1st, 2008:

Our very first RHU Retail Balls Award goes to Megan Tollison, in Oklahoma. Congrats Megan. Great job! Here is her story:

So, I was scanning the pages of your wonderful blog and a story about my wasted 3 years at Hobby Lobby dealing with fucking crazy bitch soccer moms and grandmothers came to mind, and I must share it.

It was a day when I was the only cashier up front, because it was slow.

A woman came up and said, "I need to exchange this," or some shit and I said, "That's fine. You can leave it right here while you go look around."

So, her old wrinkled ass walked off, and then like 58,495,845 fucking people came up and I had to call like 4 more checkers.

Well, she came back up to the front, stood off to the side and went, "Uh....I need to exchange this. I was here first."

I said, "Actually, you have to go to the end of the line and wait.

Of course this caused her fucking head to spin off into another dimension. She asked me to call the manager to the front, and so I did so I could have someone to hold me back from slicing both her tits off.

I continued to check the other customers out, and then the manager got up there and she STARTED FUCKING CRYING!

I wanted to fucking kill her.

So, what did the manager do?

Told me to let her to go through ahead of everyone else.

So....the customer gave me that, "See bitch? I was right" look.

As soon as the manager walked off, I said under my breath but just loud enough for her to hear, "You are getting your way because you cried like a little bitch."

Before she could get a word out, I was done and I said, "Have a nice day!"







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