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 From October, 2010:

Blue Light Bitch gets a Retail Balls Award for having the balls to speak up and educate a misinformed custy on a serious subject:

I finally decided on a name, So everyone can call me "Blue Light Bitch."

Here's a quick story from last week..

I was working front registers and was working next to one of the newer cashiers.

When they put me next to new people I usually keep an eye on them just to make sure if they look confused I can help instead of them waiting on supervisors.

Anyway I'm waiting on my customer to figure out how to use her credit card. (Call me a bitch but when you don't know your own zip code you just just give up on life)

Anywho as I'm waiting, new guy gets these customers: A mother, a son (about 17), and a daughter (about 16ish). Now these people look like the typical Jerry Springer white trash types. The son looks at our magazines and spots the new People magazine with a picture on the front of the guy that killed himself because of homophobic assholes.

He looks at white trash mommy and says "That's fucking stupid, you can go to jail now for bullying somebody."

Then the MOTHER says "What wusses, Words are just words. What's wrong with everyone?"


I seriously wanna inflict bodily harm on them.

I go into a rage mode. I have many many LGBT friends and I know first hand the issues that they face everyday for just being who they are.

End pause.

Not caring about getting written up, I swing around facing them with a look of "FUCK YOU" plastered all over my pretty face. I say very loudly "Maybe words are just words but did you know they also posted a video online of HIM HAVING SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN WITHOUT EITHER OF THEIR PERMISSION. If that was one of my gay friends, I'd be in jail myself!"

It was an epic win for me.

The look of shock on their faces. Bullies

The mother looked scared and then said, "Oh I didn't know that, the media leaves that stuff out."

They got their shit quickly and left.

I will not tolerate comments like that. Its all ignorance and people need to stand up.,,20432027,00.html
(This is what the article was about for those who don't know)

--Blue Light Bitch



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