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From Lexi, January, 2013:

So I’ve worked in food service for 7 years so this might be the first of many stories, however this is one that sticks out first.
I work at your standard pizza restaurant and it was close to Christmas so we were taking charity donations that month. We actually had a donation cup on the front counter in lieu of a tip jar. One late night a guy comes in to order and I am by myself making food. I go to make his order when I see out of the corner of my eye him grabbing the cup and pouring out some money and counting it out for himself. Then he tells me he wishes to order a soda. I calmly inform him that the cup he just grabbed all his money from was not a leave-a-penny take-a-penny jar and that he just stole it. He makes a nasty face at me but returns a pile of change. Then he pulls out his wallet and places a five on the counter. I take it and he snaps at me, “Did you just snatch from me?”.  I should explain that it is Saturday night at 2am and I’m not in the mood so I replied without thinking, “Well you steal from children with cancer.” He immediately starts sputtering that he doesn’t steal and a myriad of other defenses then throws his five in the donation cup and storms out. His friend picks up his food later. I consider it a win overall.

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