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From Marcus November, 2009:

I worked at a fairly well known video game retail chain, but our location was less than great. We constantly had to deal with people trying their best to work one over on us. This man came in one day when I was the manager closing.

Customer: "I'd like to return this X-box 360. Even though I told my son I didn't want it, he went out and bought it for me anyways. You know how kids are."

Me: "Of course."

I took the receipt and looked at it. Everything seemed in order, he had a receipt from one of our other stores, the xbox was there, everything seemed good, etc.

Me: "Alright sir, everything seems fine. Let me just start this up"

At this point I start ringing and scanning. On a 360 box, there is a little flip thing you can pop open to scan the serial number. I popped it and surprisingly, there was no serial number viewable. It was just plastic.

Me: "Sir, there...there seems to be a slight problem."

Customer: "There is no problem. Do the return, I want my money back."

Me: "Sir, I need to be able to scan your console's serial number and normally it's visible through this slot. It's not visible through here however. It seems like it's been turned around."

Customer: "That's not my fault. It must have come this way. Do the fucking return and use the receipt or something."

Me: "In my 3 years of working here, I've never seen one come that way from the factory. Sir, if this is not visible that would indicate it's been opened. Did you open this?" 

Jason 037Customer: "No I did not. How dare you fucking accuse me of that. I want your manager."

Me: "Currently I am the manager. But how about this, I'll call the store manager real quick and see what he has in mind."

I called my manager up and talked it over with him for a few for the customer's sake. I talked with him and said I was going to open it and we could always reseal, the plan is agreed upon, and it commenced.

Me: "Ok Sir, after speaking with him he will allow me to do the return on one condition - I need to open the box and verify everything is there."

Customer: "Uh...are you sure? Can't you just do my goddamn return?!"

Me: "Not unless I do this. Do you want me to open the box or not?"

Customer: "Fine, whatever. Fucking be quick about it!"

I proceed to open the box and take a look around. The console of course had been flipped around and upon looking at both the receipt and console, the serial numbers of course do not match.

Me: "Sir, these do not match. Someone has swapped this console and I am NOT going to do this return."

Customer: "I didn't do it! The factory must have! My son must have! This is outrageous!"

Me: "Get the fuck out of my store before I call the cops about you and something I hate - theft."

At that, his eyes went wide, he grabbed the box and made a beeline for the door.

Never saw him again, and he was certainly not the last one of that type I'd tell to get the fuck out.

I've done it a number of times.



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The louder they bark when you tell them 'no' the more likely it's something screwy in the transaction...

Misty Meanor

I've learned how to spot scammers based on their overall behavior. They usually seem agitated or nervous, sometimes telling you what to do like what happened up there. Usually the best thing I've found to do is just keep a straight face and provide good customer service.


Indeed. The second you start yelling and screaming, or getting overly defensive, I get suspicious. A reaction like "Really? Huh. Would you look at that?" Will get you a slight benefit of the doubt. I mean, I'm still not doing it, because I'm not an idiot, but if you act surprised instead of angry and defensive, I'll think "OK, there's a small chance this guy doesn't know what's going on"

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