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Retail Balls Awards: Wound Up Impatient Customer Gets Told To Behave



From Charissa, January, 2010:

We've been understaffed lately due to the store cutting hours post holidays.

Lines can get long, and I'll often check people with one or two items out at service desk.

Most people thank me, and go merrily along their way, but not this dude.

He marched over to the service desk and was wildly waving about with his arms, waving some merch in my face saying "The lines, zey be too looong. You check me out here!"

The pleasant guest I'd been chatting before with excused himself, and I checked the guy out.

I said to him, as polite as possible "I don't mind helping you, I don't like long lines either. But next time, take care that you don't wave things in my face. Have a NICE DAY (I snarled a bit here)".

He said: "Oh, you needs better sense of humor."

To which I shot back: "Sorry, that's not allowed, I am in retail after all."

This, combined with poo footprints in the ladies room the other night makes me wonder why I'm not an alcoholic.






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