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From u/frenchtoastcravings  Tales From Retail:

This story I was told when I worked for a mid- range fashion store. A store was being refitted and the company was bringing in visual merchandisers as well as asking nearby staff to join in (as I was part time, could do with the money and wanted to progress onto merchandising) so I volunteered.

So this story was from the VMs who regularly worked together for re-fits and setting up new stores - a few weeks before they had worked on fitting a new store whilst staff were being trained.

One of the new workers had gone to their locker and found it open, and money missing from their bag. They reported it and fortunately, the store already had cameras set up and they caught who did it. They pulled the girl into the manager office and asked her if she took the money (think it was £20) and she bluntly said yes, she needed it and would pay it back when she got her first pay. Understandably, manager said this was unacceptable, and she would be escorted out. The girl said, “alright.” and followed the boss to the exit.

The next morning, she was at the side door waiting to come in - they had changed the passcode as per protocol and she couldn’t gain access. Apparently she thought her only punishment was leaving work yesterday! Boss had to explain that stealing was a sackable offence, apparently she disagreed because she had promised to pay the money back.







McHell Manager

People say/think the stupidest things when they get caught stealing. We had a woman who stole a purse, was caught on camera but denied the whole thing. When we sat her down in front of the camera footage and had her watch it, she still denied the whole thing while we watched her on screen take the purse, take the cash from it, and bury it under some garbage.

And then someone once stole my iTouch from work. When I found the device just sitting around a few days later, I figured out who stole it and confronted the guy. He claimed he saw it sitting somewhere and took it home "for safe keeping" and that he meant to return it. But he synced it up to his iTunes account. You don't take someone else's item home from your job to keep it safe and then sync it up to your computer! Of course, he got mad at me for "accusing" him of stealing because he lost his job after that.

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