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From u/Constant_Rookie Tales From Retail:

I work in a grocery store bakery part time. Because I have the closing shift, most of my job is packaging up buns and unsliced bread, then labeling them and putting them out on the shelf to sell them the next day. I was in the back slicing some bread when I hear a lady call for me. “Hello, is anyone there?”

“Hi ma’am, how can I help you today?”

“Can I just get one hamburger bun?”

Now I was a bit confused at first because we had packages of hamburger buns (of 6 and 12) out on the rack. Who buys just one hamburger bun? Did she want 2 for just one burger or actually just one bun? I had already emptied and packaged the ones left in the bulk case.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but the bulk case is empty. We have packages of buns right here though!”

“Yes. I can see that. But I want just one. You don’t have any in the back?”

So I explain to her that we don’t keep any in the back and if they aren’t in the bulk case than there’s no more singular buns available until tomorrow. She’s asks a question about why the bulk case is empty, so I turn my head to look at it while I answer her question. And she has the auDACITY TO SAY

“When you are talking, you LOOK at me.”

So at this point I don’t feel like helping her at all anymore. I just tell her once again that because the case is empty she has to buy the bags. She just rudely huffs and walks away from me, and I stand there for a few seconds kind of shocked.

I later found out from a coworker that she wanted to take one bun from a already PACKAGED AND LABELED BAG and was very pissed off that she could not. Why are people like this?







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