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This story was originally posted on May 25, 2010


Bad parentsFrom Management Bitch Slave

I read a story today discussing horrible things we slaves have witnessed asshole parents do to their kids.

I can't believe I forgot about this....had I not been on the clock, I just might have powerbombed the bitch who did this.

I was working at a Journey's in a local mall, and I had been up and down a ladder, standing and squatting in my favorite pair of pants, when all of a sudden, yup....I split the pants.

I was so embarrassed, because my regional manager was there, so I grabbed my long sleeved shirt and tied it around my waist. He told me I could do downstairs, and he'd give me 30 minutes to grab another pair, cause he knows how women are.

My first stop was Aero, and almost instantly I found a perfect pair of pants (how RARE), but there was a huge line, so I stood and waited, people watching as I do.

There weren't too many custys in the store, but it was by no means slow. There was a man in there in a wheelchair with his son, and since they'd just left Journey's (and made me a whole lot of commission), I made small talk with them as we waited in line.

After a minute or so, I hear a little girl say, "Mommy, I'm really hungry, can I get some french fries?"

Momzilla says, "You're gonna wait until I'm done. You just ate this morning."

Um, it's son has lunch between 11:30 and noon, this poor girl couldn't have been more than 5. I felt sorry for her and the man behind me just looked at me, both of us shaking our heads.

"Mommy, I'm HUNGRYYYYYY!!!" the little girl whined, and she was starting to cry.

I felt so bad, I just wanted to leave and go get her the fries she so desperately wanted.

"Stop your G-Damn cryin!" yelled the mother.

Jason friesShe was so loud, everyone was looking at her at this point.

This only made the little girl cry louder. Now what was about to happen made me want to make a citizen's arrest on the spot.

This bitch actually took her folded umbrella, and wailed the little girl three times on the bum with it. So what does the girl do?


I ALWAYS see this, and it's my biggest pet peeve.

Don't YELL at your child for crying, tell them to stop crying, and then BEAT THEM, and expect them to stop!

The man behind me yelled up to the cashier "Call the police, I'm filing a citizen's complaint for child abuse!"

I look to see where Momzilla is, and she's yanking this poor girl around by her arm through the store, still cursing her for crying.

When she heard the man behind me say what he said, she ran up to the counter, and said, "Hold these, I'll be back after I feed THIS KID."

I looked at her and my jaw about dropped to the ground.

We made eye contact for a second, and I said nothing as I whipped out my phone to call the police officer who patrols the mall.

He answered almost right away and I said loud enough for her to hear, "I need to report a woman who has just beat her daughter with an umbrella..."

I started to give a perfect description of her, when she took off like a fat girl after a Big Mac.

The last thing I saw on my way back to my store was her sitting in the police substation that we have in the mall.

A female officer was holding her daughter, and she looked like she was getting laid into.

I hope that bitch got that child taken away.

-- Management Bitch Slave


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Ugh. I remember this story from when it was first posted. Just as disgusted and horrified now as I was then.

Kai Lowell

That poor kid. Thank Thrognar for concerned citizens.


TV and Kai, this mom is awful and it's sad strangers showed more concern for her starving kid than she did! I hope this woman takes what security seriously or her kid will be taken from her!

Fat Girl

' a fat girl after a Big Mac.'



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