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This story was originally posted on May 20, 2011


Barista hellLong time reader, first time poster. I work for a very well known coffee giant, and have done for almost three years. I guess you call me WeeBarista, since I'm someone lacking in the height department.

I've dealt with my fair share of difficult customers over the years, but the woman today really took the piss. Side note - we've just had a complete transformation of our *iced blended cold drinks* and have a new recipe to follow, which has to be followed TO THE LETTER, or else I can get into real trouble. I had just started my shift, and had gone straight onto bar to make drinks. I had a few to catch up, and had just made a plain, coffee flavoured blended iced drink for a custy, who took it and walked away. Two minutes later, shes's back.

Custy: 'This doesn't taste sweet. This doesn't have any sugar in it...

Why?? 'You NEED to make me one with sugar in it. It's supposed to have sugar in it' - this is complete bullshit, it's a plain coffee flavour like she asked for, and they have NEVER been made with sugar in them.

WeeBarista: 'Oh, they actually don't come with sugar in them, but there is sugar over on the condiment bar that you could add to it.'

Custy *blank stare*: 'No, that won't taste right. I need YOU to make me a new one and put sugar in it.'

WeeBarista: 'Actually, I can't do it that way for you, as it would affect the texture and flavour of the drink, so it wouldn't come out right. Like I said, there's sugar on the condiment bar, which you could add to the drink. Or, I could add in a flavored syrup for you, such as caramel or vanilla.'

Custy *blank stare* 'No, this needs to have SUGAR in it. Why didn't you make it that way? It's supposed to be like that!'

WeeBarista *slowly losing the will to live, repeats all as said above*

Jason and victimCusty *death stare now* : 'I need YOU to help me here, I want my drink and I want it with sugar in it! Why can't you just do what I'm asking you too?'

WeeBarista: 'I'm sorry, but as I've already said I can't do that. Would you not like to try a syrup to make it sweeter?'

Custy:'Yeah, you have that sugar-syrup, just add that.'

WeeBarista: 'Actually, we don't have that here, but we have plenty of sweet flavours, such as vanilla or caramel' ( I believe some stores have this syrup in the US - but I'm in the UK)

Custy, actually STOMPS HER FEET ON THE GROUND: 'Fine. I don't WANT this now. I'll have strawberry one, will that be sweet?'

WeeBarista: 'Yes, it will.'

Custy: 'OK, and can you put sugar in that for me?'

WeeBarista: *melts into a puddle of disbelief and anger and practically dies on the spot* : 'No. As I've already said, I can't do that for you. It should be sweet enough.'

Custy:'FINE. You know, you've been really unhelpful to me.'

What the ACTUAL fuck?! She's too dumb enough to understand that I can't make her drink with sugar in it for her. She thinks she knows better than me what should be in our drinks. She rejects the concept of adding sugar afterwards, and refuses to try a flavored syrup. Then complains that I haven't been helpful enough. I genuinely don't know what she wanted from me!

She came back in a few hours later - and when she saw I was still working, she was completely rude to me and gave me death stares the entire time. It's not my fault she's a dumb custy!



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I dunno about whatever drink that is, but here in de Souf (US), iced tea is a huge thing, mostly sweet tea. I hate the shit, but from what I understand, adding sugar after the tea is made apparently doesn't work because the sugar doesn't dissolve. It doesn't melt in cold liquid, and you can't stir it fast enough to make it dissolve by hand, so it has to be added while the tea is hot or it doesn't taste right.

I think that's the problem here. The blender the drink is made in has the power to dissolve the sugar, where adding it to a cold drink would just make little rocks rattle around at the bottom of the cup. Simple syrup works because it's pre-dissolved, but it's not something you can just pull out of your ass if you don't already have it.

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