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Retail Hell Memories: Boredom Begets A Poem


This story was originally posted on November 08, 2009


Carolanne chanelMonotony before the Madness.

Here we have a retailicous poem from Shirley the Sunglass Slave:


Sundays are quite erratic in our mall, being either nice and busy or dead as a doornail.

Today was the second type of day, so I quickly became bored.

I got out my neon writing tablet and started just jotting stuff down and came up with this little treasure:


Utterly and completely bored

Can't even think of what to write

Sitting at my sunglass booth

Not a customer in sight

My sales sheet sits there empty

The register has fallen asleep

Sunshine peeks through the skylight

While my endless vigil I do keep

Days this slow make me wish

For ANY custy in the world

Nothing breaks the tedium

Like snobby cell-toting girls

As I sit and hours drag on

I know I will soon look back

And dream of these peaceful days

Once the holiday shoppers attack!


--Shirley the Sunglass Slave


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