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This story was originally posted on December 07, 2009


Call center 1From Call Center Slave:

I know I'm not in retail but I have to deal with the same stupid ass customers and coworkers that retail workers do. I work for a computer company. I had this one bitch call in from New York.

First thing out of her mouth is "I've been on hold for 37 minutes!!!!".

Ooooohhhh like I'm paid enough to care. If you can't even say "hello", you're not giving me any incentive to help you.

Dumb bitch goes on a 4 minute rant about how "no one speaks english".

I get fucking pissed off at racist hags like her.

I interrupt her saying "everyone speaks English that works here" and that if she can't speak nicely, I will hang up.

At this point I'm itching for her to cross the line so I can either hang up or transfer her in to call router hell.

She shuts up.

Then says her 6 year old spilled juice all over her notebook and she wants to buy an accidental damage warranty.

Fucking entitled bitch thinks she can buy a warranty AFTER her spawn has wrecked her notebook.

I tell her no.

She calls me a "stupid cunt" and says she's "writing Bill Gates" about me.

Oooohhh I'm shaking.

Jason Cigar 2She hangs up.

I make a note in her file saying she caused damage, and not to sell the bitch a warranty in the future.

Revenge is mine.

Customers don't realize that if they treat staff like the humans we are, we may go the extra mile for them. If she was nice and polite I would have pretended not to hear that her notebook was damaged by her spawn and sold her the warranty.

If they just took the time to say "hello" and speak in a human, calm voice and not spew ignorant, racist crap you'll get off the phone with tech support much faster and happier.

To all the rude people phoning in, all I have to say is FUCK YOU!

--Call Center Slave


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