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Retail Hell Memories: HR Hell - Bone Cancer Is No Excuse!


This story was originally posted on October 05, 2011


Uniform FreddyHello all in Retail Hell, NoFucksGiven again.

I was reading this post by Laughing Barista and it made me remember of something shitty that the Witch from Dicks did.

Before I go into to it I should say that when I was a kid I had bone cancer in my left femur 3 times. I'm alright now and I'm 10 years cancer free!!! But sometimes, my left leg gets stiff and throbs and I limp when on it for a while. I tend to stretch it out when it gets stiff. (important info for later)

We had an LP audit at my location because frankly...our store sucked and it was a red alert store. Many LP people came and our DM, as well as the regional manager. It was also crazy busy too, so answering LP question while checking out/ helping customers caused me much stress.

During my 7th hour working with no break in sight my leg started shaking and was in much pain. EVERYONE, bosses, coworkers, and some regular knew of the cancer I had so when they stretch it, they knew I was in pain.

I was dying down and I took all of 5 seconds stretching it when the Witch, DM, and RM came up to me. Here's hat was said (and I'm paraphrasing since it was a while back)

Witch: What do you think you're doing?

Me: Just stretching. My leg is in pain.

RM: If you can't preform the simplest of tasks as a CSS then you can always be a customer.

Me: I had bone cancer as a child and I've been standing 7 hours straight with no break.

DM: Then why didn't you regulate your break?

Jason chainsawMe: I regulated all the cashiers, but I was told MY break will be inconvenient because of the rush and was also told to wait until the rush as gone.

Witch: When there are no customers you are to be doing other tasks and I caught you slacking off and doing nothing. We are not paying you to do nothing.

Me: With all due respect, I haven't had a break because you said I couldn't until the rush was gone. I did your job and mine while these gentleman are here, which I have no problem with because we are team. But you have not had cancer and you don't know how bad this hurts and if I can take 5 seconds to stretch, I will be fine.

Witch: Consider this your break then. Carolhell

Then they walk away. I was at the point of tears I was so angry.

After my shift finally ended the Witch, DM and RM called me into the office with write up papers for you guessed it. INSUBORDINATION.

I refused to sign it. I couldn't call HR, since HR was basically THERE. I called the BBB, and a month after that incident the Witch wrote me up for something else so it wouldn't look like she was punishing me for speaking up. As CSS I had to check in all shipment and document it in our log..and I put the previous day's date as that day by mistake, so she wrote me up for a paperwork error.

For a company that prides themselves on their charitable xmas time events for St. Judes Children Cancer Research Center, they certainly employs and sides with management who punishes their workers....FOR HAVING CHILDHOOD CANCER.

So if you're at Dicks during xmas time, don't make your St Judes donation there; write a check to the hospital instead :)



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I did my part for Dicks when they were super busy. I was trying to shop and the phone rang about 20 times, with nobody answering it. My nerves were frayed and I picked up the phone and hung up. I did that until the phone stopped ringing. Your welcome. I then continued to look for what I needed.

Misty Meanor

I'm glad I never worked there!


Heh. When I was in AOhelL, a cow-orker was on his last day, and asked my boss if he could go home early. My boss was cool, and would have let him, but management was out for him and wouldn't let him get away with anything like that, when the phones were as busy as they were. Friend asks "So if there weren't any calls waiting, I could go?"

Ten minutes later, we had no calls in queue, and this person who was notorious for not being anywhere near our 10 minute per call time, suddenly had a handle time of 2 minutes. He'd basically told around 100 people that 'AOhelL is closed, call back later' and hung up on them.


I can see doing that, if your leaving. I might have done that.

My first out of school job we couldn't get an assistant manager to answer our pages for help with a customer for about 20 minutes, so we called the store from the store to tie up a line, and answered the phone and hit the hold button using another line. We paged the assistant manager to pick up the on hold line. They answered in a minute and we told them we needed them for the last 20 minutes to come over and help a customer. Can you come over to help or do you want me to put them on the phone. The assistant manager wasn't one that liked dealing with customers in store, and liked to ignore the pages for customer help.


AOhelL sent out so many floppies in the mail advertising, I had more than enough floppies to back up my hard drive on their dime.


Jofur, while he did get to leave early, it cost him his last paycheck. I'd have wanted to do something liek that, but not at that price. :P


I am glad you're cancer free because bone cancer is one of the nastier cancers there is! Those morons should have given you a break because even people with healthy bones can cramp up! The mere fact Dicks donates to cancer kids is good, but to give an employee hell when they got over childhood cancer is a slap in the face to these poor children who suffer so much!


LOL. When I was at Universe support, I had a coworker who was really good at doing voices. On his last day, he took every call in a voice: I heard him do Elmer Fudd, Eric Cartman, and Donald Duck before they came and walked him out. His, and everyone's verdict was "Worth It"

Had another Cow irker at the Overpriced Fruit company who would hang up on callers and log it as a dropped call to help his handle time. He was the same one who would Aux jump to avoid taking calls. He didn't last long

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