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I.D. Hell - It Protects My Identity, Even When It Doesn't


This story was originally posted on December 11, 2009


Amusement park hellA rant from a Themepark Slave:

I'm only seventeen, and yet I've already seen lots of Retail Hell.

I previously worked as a photo person in a drugstore, that was a whole different level of hell... but now I find myself in Themepark Hell.

I work at one of the smaller parks in a large chain, but I am not employed by the chain itself. I work for the annoying people asking for your picture every time you walk 5 feet.

This specific story comes from my new location - Santa's Workshop.

Not only do we have a complete diva Santa, the customers are bitchier than ever.

I'm used to the abuse when I'm on camera, and I'm okay hearing about our "outrageous" prices.

I am not, however, used to being told I should put my job on the line for a bitchy customer.

I've got a pretty heavy line, so I'm moving quickly.

I had just printed this custy's photos and was in the process of ringing her out.

Carolanne and thenShe hands me her card and it's unsigned.

I ask for ID and she looks at me as if I've completely offended her.

"Everyone else in the park has taken it without question."

"Well, then they're all doing it wrong. It is my company policy and park policy to get ID."

She looks completely aghast and then decides she's going to go "run and get cash".

I never saw her again the rest of the day.

I hear all about how it helps to prevent "identity theft"..... sure it does, WHEN YOU JUST TOLD ME NO ONE ELSE IN THE FUCKING PARK ASKED FOR ID.

Way to protect your identity, bitch!

--Themepark Slave


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