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Religious Freaks Encounters - We Must Pray To Jesus To Save Your Soul


This story was originally posted on June 10, 2010


FREAKS2From Diva Slave:

I currently work at a clothing store that specializes in plus size women's clothing. Hence the screen name Diva Slave. For the most part the customers are awesome, so are all of my co-workers, except of course, my MANager. The "man" part, and the hatred towards her is another story for another day.

This story comes from my many years of working at a movie theater. Others have posted the horror stories that come from working at a movie theater. Vomit, piss, used condoms, dirty diapers... you name it, I have found it. This is something all together different.

I was working at a small theater in a very small, rural town when the almighty Mel Gibson released "The Passion of the Christ". Now, I am not a religious person (please note that I have no problem with religion. I do have a problem with people pushing their religious views on me) and this movie seemed to bring every religious fanatic out of the woodwork.

On this particular night I was closing with about 2 or 3 other people. Being the manager, I was sitting in the office, keeping an eye on the closed snack bar while the staff was doing their nightly cleaning.

This woman that had come in a few times before (she somehow knew my boss) comes into the office to chat with me. Lets call her Jesus freak.

Jesus Freak: So have you seen "passion of the christ" yet?

Me: No, I don't think I am going to see it. (Wrong fucking thing to say)

Jesus Freak: WHY NOT?!?!

Me: Well it's not really a movie that interests me. (Its 3 hours long, its subtitled and I NOT interested bitch)

Jesus Freak: Well, have you accepted Jesus into your heart as your savior?

Regan jabMe: *jaw drop* ummm, no.

Jesus Freak: Do you want me to pray with you right now so you can accept him into your heart and you can be saved?

Me: *long pause*

Jesus Freak: Is there anyone else here I could talk to about Jesus?

Me: Yeah, he's in the back room doing dishes, just go through that door right there...

At that point she leaves and starts talking to my coworker who was more than happy to talk to her about Jesus.

I was completely dumbfounded over this woman. I am at my job, I am not at your church, or your house or even in the fucking park. You know I get payed to not tell you to fuck off. Grrrr. This happened years ago and I'm still amazed with this woman.

Until next time RHU,

--this is Diva Slave, saying goodnight.


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